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Jeanette DePatie:

Plus-Sized Fitness Guru, POWER Producer and

Award-Winning Public Speaker

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“...she presented a real, human side of her journey so far in fat activism and that she presented it in a way that allowed people of every size to learn to become comfortable with themselves."  

Amy Farrell, Women’s Studies Professor, Dickinson College

“The people love it. They all vie for a chance at the remote answer button.  Jeanette intersperses the electronic game with exercise segments that fill the room with laughter. Her routines are gentle and can be done by any fitness level, physical ability, or size. The music is upbeat and fun and the dance steps and movements make for a lot of smiles and laughter. She presents with humor and a gentle spirit that creates a non-judgmental atmosphere.”

Vicki, Vicki Pepper, MS, RD, Positive Choice Wellness Center,     Department of Preventive Medicine, Kaiser Permanente

“Her workshop, at our event at California Baptist University, for over 600 people was OUTSTANDING. The workshop received positive remarks from all participants and excellent overall rating. And the workshop was filled to capacity! Because of her knowledge and experience, we were a complete success!”

    Kandee Lewis, Executive Director, The Positive Results Corporation

I just wanted to thank you again so much for your wonderful presentation and work out last week!  We really gained so much from it and your positive attitude was infectious!

    Kaya Masler, Director, Women’s Student Assembly, USC

On top of being super easy to work with, she was an incredibly fun instructor and she was an amazing speaker...The keynote was informative, funny, and engaging...Jeanette DePatie is absolutely perfect for any sort of body positive/body love/workout diversity event. She’s incredibly knowledgeable, eloquent, approachable, and relatable to anyone she comes into contact with. This definitely will not be the last time we will call her for our events!

Jasmine Aguilar, Body Love Initiatives Director, USC

“You totally rocked, and I'm so thankful for your knowledge and positive energy!

Carlyn Peterson, Program Director, American Diabetes Expo”

“I felt so overwhelmed by the certainty that in those moments you were sharing with the group you were absolutely fulfilling your purpose in this life. You are so gifted and so talented - when you open your heart and share with people about these important things, I feel God moving through you.

Julianne, Attendee City of Rialto Presentation

“Jeanette is down-to-earth, accessible and easy to understand.  The kids had a great time, and we are glad to book her again and again.”

Jasmine Klintong, Executive Director, Head Start Program

“Jeanette is an exercise diva who is also approachable, warm and caring. She’s the female Richard Simmons of the 21st Century!

Michael Torchia, Executive Director, Operation Fitness

...A dynamo.  A Super Star in her own right!

Richard Simmons, Exercise Superstar

The students are always engaged by the information Jeanette has to offer and, she never fails to surprise them with something they didn’t know.

Rona Edwards, Chapman University, Singapore