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Jeanette’s passion stems from the realization nearly 30 years into her life that she had spent her entire life “weighting” around to have the socially acceptable body she thought she needed to pursue her dreams.  Realizing that a “perfect body” is neither attainable nor necessary for the vast majority of people, she resolved to stop obsessing over her body, stop waiting around for a risk-free window and start living the life she’d always dreamed of. Since that time, Jeanette has worked as a producer with many of the top Hollywood studios including Disney, Fox, HBO, Paramount, Sony Imageworks, Universal and Warner Bros.   Jeanette’s life is one that we can celebrate as proof that you don’t have to have a runway model body to have the life of your dreams.

Here’s why: She’s funny, her powerful

stories keep audiences mesmerized and she“keeps it real”. Sharing her real-life story beginning with her humble beginnings in rural Wisconsin to her budding career as an opera singer,

through her life as a plus-sized fitness instructor to her exciting career as a Hollywood producer and entertainer known affectionately as “The Fat Chick”.

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Jeanette DePatie

AKA The Fat Chick, Plus-Sized Fitness Guru, POWER Producer and

Award-Winning Public Speaker


  1. All Bodies Are Good Bodies (Even YOURS!)

  2. Stop Body Bullying (Yours and Everybody Else’s)

  3. Health 101 (Real Life Advice for Producing Your Best Life)

  4. Producing Your Best Life (What I Learned in Hollywood)

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