I’m pleased to announce that The Fat Chick is now offering a variety of personal training solutions!  Whether you want to just be on a weekly conference call or you want a completely customized training solution with special web and mobile applications, We’ve got a training program for YOU!

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In addition, the program only adds one or two new steps each week that are

carefully taught before the workout begins.  And each week comes with its own Peep TalkTM--a short motivational talk that includes a special health challenge for the week such as drinking more water or developing a support network.   Your program is custom built for you.  All you have to is click!

The Fat Chick Works Out DVD is unique in more ways than its chubby host. The Fat Chick Works Out is

designed as a twelve-week training program. The DVD is progressive, meaning it starts out easy and gets a

little more difficult each week.

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Take a look at this sample from The Fat Chick Works Out.  Doesn’t it look EASY?  Doesn’t it look like FUN?

Show the world how much you love your new fitness routine with some Fat Chick Merchandise.  It’s fun.  It’s colorful.  And of course, it’s tres chic!


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Ever wondered how some people seem to be able to start an exercise program and stick with it?  Do you want to become a regular exerciser, but feel frustrated, scared or unsure where to start? 

Don’t fret.  Buy my new book, The Fat Chick Works Out!   Filled with over 50 exercises, tons of practical advice, tons of pictures, and hilarious and sometimes heartbreaking stories from The Fat Chick’s own journey, this book will not only help you get fit, but also find peace with the skin you’re in!

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