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Give your fitness a BOOST!

The New Year’s class is already in session.  Want to know when the next class will start?  Click HERE to make sure you don’t miss out!

New Classes Coming Soon!

How many years in a row have you told yourself that THIS is the year you’re going to get fit?

I think we’ve all been there.  You start out on January 1 ready and raring to go.  This is the year you’re going to get fit.  You join a gym.  You buy some new tennis shoes.  You sign up for a class. 

But very quickly, you find yourself confused and unsure where you should start.  The gym you joined is deeply intimidating and the all too perfect trainers on staff are more interested in hawking weight loss products than really helping you feel comfortable getting fit.

The class you signed up for is too hard and you end up walking out--humiliated and deeply hurt.  Or  you don’t walk out of the class and find yourself very sore or even injured. 

By Valentine’s Day (at the latest) you’re so sore, embarrassed, tired, frustrated or even injured that you give up exercising altogether.  “Well, maybe next year,” you sigh.

Does this sound like you?  Well then let me ask you another question.

What if I told you that we could approach exercise differently?

What would it mean for you to find a way to enjoy exercise and stick to it for a lifetime?  What  if somebody could give you the tools to find the right exercise level for you?

What if I could teach you to exercise in a way that doesn’t hurt?

What if I could teach you to crave, experience and ultimately expect success at exercise?

What if I told you that exercise could feel not only pleasurable but FUN?!

What if I gave you the tools to make exercise a habit for a lifetime?

What would that be worth to you?

Introducing the Every BODY Can Exercise Training Program

I want to give you the tools you need to exercise safely and joyfully for a lifetime. 

So I’ve designed a twelve-week training program designed to give you all the help and support you need and so richly deserve.  All of the content is designed to align with Health At Every Size® (HAES®) practices.

This program lasts 12 weeks.  It is designed to last long enough to help you change exercise from a mere hope into a regular habit.  During the course we’ll cover a lot of important topics like:

  1. How to choose the RIGHT exercise for YOU.

  2. How to determine the exercise program level that will have you exercising SAFELY and COMFORTABLY week after week.

  3. How to avoid the cope with FEAR and PROCRASTINATION.

  4. How to keep exercising even when you’re dealing with LIFE DRAMA.

  5. How to find the right exercise gear, exercise wear and exercise buddies to make fitness SUPER FUN!

A lot can change in just twelve weeks!  I’ve designed the program to support you not only through the initial enthusiasm of New Year’s Resolutions but through the first three months.  We’ll be exercising through  Valentines Day,  past St. Patrick’s Day and well beyond.  Because if I’m going to get you exercising for a lifetime, it’s really important to keep you exercising at least through March.  But don’t worry, we’re going to have a blast working together!  And I’m here to help.

What You’ll Get:

  1. A copy of my best-selling E-book, “The Fat Chick Works Out! (Fitness that is Fun and Feasible for Folks of All Ages, Shapes, Sizes and Abilities)”

  2. A weekly conference call where you can practice items from your daily assignments, ask questions and get encouragement.

  3. Weekly exercises to help you put all you’ve learned into practice.

  4. A private Facebook group just for members of the training program.

  5. Access to special instructional and exercise videos.

  6. Access to individual coaching and online training with Jeanette at significantly reduced prices.

Let’s Get Started!

Unfortunately the 2014 New Year’s Session has already begun.  Want to make sure you never miss out on another class session? 

Click HERE and we’ll be sure to tell you all about our next group of classes!

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